Service Reporting

How do you provide meaningful capacity information to those Service Managers who are using the infrastructure?

Capacity Planner provides views of capacity from a service, application or line of business perspective.  

This data can be found in numerous places, quite often in monitoring tools themselves, or within the CMDB of a Service Management platform such as ServiceNow.

By viewing capacity in this way you can:

  • Show those components of the service that have breached thresholds
  • Identify the trends in service demand profiles and predict potential service outages
  • Determine where configuration can be changed to improve performance or reduce costs
Disaster Assessments

Can you be sure that you have the capacity to support a fail-over and keep critical applications and services running for the business?

Using Forward Thinking™ Scenario Modelling in Capacity Planner is a seamless task.

With the simple drag and drop interface, you can immediately understand the impact of workload demand profiles on your DR environment.

Furthermore, the scenario will change as your environment changes, workloads come and go and demand increases or decreases

You always have full confidence that the capacity will be there when it’s needed the most.

Outage Predictions

Where is your next capacity problem likely to be and what can you do to stop it from occurring?

Using the Predictive Events capability of Capacity Planner, those responsible for IT services can accurately anticipate and resolve potential capacity issues before they impact business performance.

A RESTAPI can be used to extract this information to be used in higher order systems, such as a Service Management platform like ServiceNow™.  

Off the shelf integrations are available that can be configured to initiate new business workflows when critical systems are likely to run out of capacity

With sufficient lead time it ensures that hardware, storage, bandwidth or configurations are in place to deal with growing demand.

Business Demand

Does your platform have the capacity to support an unexpected growth in transaction volumes? 

Can it cope with seasonal high demand and continue to provide a satisfying customer experience?

Using the Predictive Events capability of Capacity Planner, those responsible for critical business applications and services can model the impact of volume uplifts on the supporting infrastructure and components

Correlating the relationships between volumes and performance, ensures that customer experience is maintained at the high level business expects.

Forward Thinking™ Scenario Modelling allows you to not only understand the impact of demand but also to plan the changes required to ensure capacity and performance requirements are met.

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