Application Demand Modeling

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The only SaaS product on the market that complements your Application Performance Management (APM) investment by providing predictive and prescriptive analytics to quantify the impact of business or infrastructure change on your application performance. Helping you to ensure customer experience is maintained at the level the business expects.

B7T Capacity Planner Report


Regain control by reporting on application resource allocation, usage and cost on a per line of business, business service, application.

B7T Capacity Planner Recommend


Improve service, manage costs and reduce waste by identifying areas where resource allocation and usage are imbalanced.

B7T Capacity Planner Predict


Become more proactive in your management, avoiding potential problems before they become business affecting.

B7T Capacity Planner Plan


Create predictive models of future headroom and future performance based on the evidence of previous transactions.

Report in Business Terms

B7T Application Capacity in Business Terms

Using the relationships and playing them out onto Forward Thinking™ scenario models, the capacity constraints of the application can be expressed in business terms, rather than compute terms. 

  • How many quotes per minute can an application support
  • How many simultaneous users,
  • Will my latency become unacceptable if trends continue? 
  • What components limit my volumes the most and what should I do to resolve them and provide more capacity for my business?

Mine Relationships

Application Capacity Mine Relationships

Capacity Planner looks for the relationships between business volume drivers, such as ‘number of quotes’ or ‘trades’ or ‘users’ against resource utilisation and performance. 

Identifying the strongest relationships that drive application constraints and, on an ongoing basis, tracking changes in these relationships that are a result of system changes


Application Capacity Mine Analyse

This data is summarised at a number of levels.  From hourly measures, daily statistical summaries, weekdays, weekends, working hours, overnight summaries, weekly and monthly summaries. 

Capacity Planner does not aggregate historical data and therefore builds up an accurate understanding of application behaviour and metric patterns


Application Capacity Mine Monitor

Data from multiple technology monitoring tools is normalised and modelled to present a single pain of glass view.  Providing insight into resource utilisation, technology specific platform and implementation metrics, business volumes and critical transaction response times.

High frequency monitoring tools such as Geneos provide visibility into metric values at very fine granularity. Application Performance Management tools like Appdynamics and Dynatrace can also provide application performance metrics

B7T Capacity Planner appdynamics
B7T Capacity Planner Dynatrace

Application Capacity - Input Sources

ICP Sunburst




B7T Capacity Planner appdynamics
B7T Capacity Planner Dynatrace


Not a definitive list of data inputs – Capacity Planner can consume data from ANY Infrastructure or Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution. Each customer implementation is unique and reviewed individually.

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