Replatforming Overspend

When changing hardware platforms and determine how many devices you really need now and for your business’ future growth plans.

With Capacity Planner, you can:

  • Develop an accurate picture of workload and demand profile across your hardware.
  • Understand how many servers are actually needed to host your workload
  • Significantly reduce costs and avoid over provisioning of new hardware.

Industry standard bench-marking is used to determine how workload changes when running on different platform architectures.  

  • Use an intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Multiple models can be created using different hardware types
  • Determine the optimum balance between cost of new hardware and headroom for growth.
Cloud Migration

Using Capacity Planner, you can be sure that your public or private cloud instances are sized based on an accurate statistical model of utilisation.  

With Capacity Planner, you can:

  • Base this model on a period of your choosing
  • Ensure you rightsize for the times of peak demand
  • Understand the time that those instances will spend using their allocated resources.

With Forward Thinking™ Scenario Modelling, you can:

  • Compare self hosted private cloud with public cloud.
  • Determine total costs and infrastructure requirements
  • Produce a plan supporting your conclusions and execute with confidence.
Workload Onboarding

How do you begin to make any kind of assessment of your platforms readiness to support significant new workloads from acquisitions or customer demand?


By using Capacity Planner’s Forward Thinking™ Scenario Modelling capability you can fully understand your capacity to support new workload by:

  • Understanding if there capacity to support the new workload
  • Focus on the areas that will require expansion
  • Optimise distribution of workload
  • Avoid buying unnecessary supporting infrastructure

The data capture method used to produce the model of your own environment can:

  • Easily apply to the IT estate to be on-boarded
  • Allow for a full picture of workload
  • Create the most accurate transition modelling possible
Application Change

Application software upgrades or re-platforming can introduce significant changes to the operation of an application. 

Using  Capacity Planner, the application owner can understand the relation ships between volumes, resource utilisation and performance both post and prior to change.

Once this change is understood, quantify either improvement or degradation of headroom for growth and performance then if necessary, using Forward Thinking™  Scenario Model options for improvement.

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